my son, my son, what have ye done

WRITTEN: 03.01.2013 → WORDS: 356 → TYPE: MOVIE → SCORE: BAD

David Lynch presents and Werner Herzog directs story, which is rather sad story about Brad McCullum's tragic life.

Michael Shannon does excellent acting job as Brad, biggest reason to keep watching movie to end. Movie seemingly tries to imitate David Lynch type of atmosphere, but actual content is so simple that it just does not work out. I'm not even sure why they try to make this more mystical than what it is.

Colors in movie are good, high contrast – maybe too high. Music works nice, but is a bit out of content.

It looks like there's being strong motivation to do something, but in the end it just falls flat. I'm not even sure what they're trying to say in the end. Maybe over mystifying the case was bad move from director and writers.

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