revelation space - saga

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Some time ago I read House of Suns from Alastair Reynolds and liked it quite a lot. So when I noticed Chasm City around local library I decided to read it and after that I decided to read the whole Revelation Space saga. I still have one short story unread: Monkey Suit.

Alastair Reynolds Revelation Space universe has many books and I'm going to blog something from each of them. Links to those posts will appear here, so things are nicely organized.

Novels in publication order
Short Stories

Books covers vast range of years and I've included the timeline from Wikipedia here, so its easy to choose possible different reading order than publication one.

Story Period Book
Great Wall of Mars 2205 Galactic North
Glacial 2217 Galactic North
A Spy in Europa ~2330-2340 Galactic North
Weather 2358 Galactic North
The Prefect 2427 The Prefect
Diamond Dogs ~2500-2550 Diamond Dogs, Turquoise Days
Monkey Suit 2511 Deep Navigation
Dilation Sleep ~2513-2540 Galactic North
Chasm City 2517-2524 Chasm City
Granfenwalder's Bestiary ~2540 Galactic North
Turquoise Days 2541 Diamond Dogs, Turquoise Days
Revelation Space 2524-2567 Revelation Space
Nightingale ~2600 Galactic North
Redemption Ark 2605-2651 Redemption Ark
Absolution Gap ~2675-3000 Absolution Gap
Galactic North ~2303-40000 Galactic North