chasm city

WRITTEN: 12.04.2013 → WORDS: 342 → TYPE: BOOK → SCORE: OK

House of Suns from Alastair Reynolds was good enough to grab Chasm City next from library's shelf. Back cover told that this is part of bigger universe called Revelation Space, but also works as standalone book.

Chasm City starts with epilogue telling some events that has being going on lately, like melding plague and such. After short introduction we're following hired gun tracking he's target. Tracking becomes the main story arc and it's pleasant to follow it. Scenery is mix of steampunk and traditional science fiction with cable elevators. The overall mood is humorous, masculine and egoistic. Characters are quite simple minded and difficult situations are opened via deus ex too often. Even so longer I got into book the harder it was to quit. Story also ends quite uninspiring way considering what would being possible.

Either way it was interesting enough to carry on in Revelation Space universe. I also did read that rest of the books are focusing more on story than self promoting characters.


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