terminator genisys

WRITTEN: 17.04.2016 → WORDS: 256 → TYPE: MOVIE → SCORE: OK

I was in the airplane coming back to home and watching Terminator Genisys with rather loud environment. The small screen had cut off ratio in the picture and there was no subtitles. It was like watching movie with no sounds what so ever. Maybe I did miss something about the movie, maybe something crucial.

Well I did not.

Movie is trying way too hard to be a Terminator movie. It does have all the ingredients which needs to be in there for it. It also has very high quality visual effects, which early terminator movies were known for, besides other things. In modern times being visually high quality is more of an norm than way to blow people’s mind off. So it does not really work here, since we’re in a era where we already are nearing a situation which can eliminate real actors away completely. So what is left for movie to give kicks is badly written story, really lousy actors and overdoing plot twists.

Best part of the movie are visual effects and some punch lines the Guardian throws in. Catering every possible one in the target group audience is just lazy. Sometimes it works and sometimes not, this time it did not. It’s time to move forward with the franchise instead of sticking in past. No need to do remix-reboots on every single movie. I know it’s cheap and safe bet, but it’s also most likely to lead into boredom.