mr. robot


I stumbled upon some articles claiming Mr. Robot could be a good TV series to watch. So I check first if it’s available at the library, and it was. So I reserved it and picked up later when it arrived.

After few episodes the throwing of technology terms seemed a bit excessive and annoying. People probably would get it that they know the things even without exactly quoting some new tech terms around. The story itself seemed more interesting than techno talk, so I kept going and it seemingly gets better by each episode. Mr. Robot has strong vibe on society is flawed, both technologically and the humans habitating it. Creators also give sense of they really do not like the computer driven world we live in now.

Elliot, the protagonist of the series is quite unsure about he’s surroundings and life he is living. The reality that just keeps on fracturing while episodes progresses. Viewer’s standpoint the story is also progressing in unsure ways and it’s hard to be sure about anything that is going on. Elliot reminds me of Dexter in many ways. Instead of murdering people Elliot just hacks them and makes them feel sorry for their deeds. After that he just picks up another target and carries on with the life. There’s a lot of more connections to Dexters patterns with Elliot. Anyway, episodes takes recent events from our society and mirrors them nicely into the show. I would consider Mr. Robot genre to be soft-cyberpunk, due it’s not as that dark and grim.

Usually series and movies are created with certain patterns, but Mr. Robot follows it’s own pacing and directing, which is very refreshing. The viewer also gets treatment by being led to situations that usually resolve a bit differently than in Mr. Robot. Visual compositions are clearly off from regular highly planned golden ratio rules. Not always, but enough of times to make it noticeable. I don’t know if that’s on purpose but I like what is going on there. Extra layers of surrealism are added via active breaking of fourth wall, but just softly enough not to disturb.

Mr. Robot uses quite flat visuals all around, colors are mostly washed out pointing to gray. Some places have a bit stronger colors, but seems creators are happy with the neutral tone. To some extend colors are pretty boring and overall the palette is not sync within the music playing in background.

Music in the Mr. Robot mostly uses some nice cyberpunkish electro style, which is really nice but does not fit in the actual story that is going in the screen at given times. I suppose the composer has not seen where music is going to be used. Maybe second season is more in sync with the events.

After watching the first season, the viewer is left with rather paranoiac and unsure feeling. The feeling also saying that it would be nice to start watching second season already. Lucky me, it is out already, but not yet accessible in my location. Hopefully it will answer to the questions first season did not.